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  1. Oleksiy Godz says:

    This is amazing!

  2. Grandville, Cadigan, and Powers illustrate not only a cautionary strand in imaginary instrument design, but also a distinct temporal orientation: each places his or her inventions in the not-too-distant future. In the history of imaginary musical instruments, the emergence of a futuristic orientation can be dated quite precisely. The turning point occurs with Louis-Sebastien Mercier’s novel

  3. Great website, pleased to see the depth and breadth of your coverage!

    Please do keep updating.

  4. I am a Professor of Morphology and Heuristics of Design at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Nice exhibition of the relationship between Memory and Imagination: thanks for sharing!

  5. Juliana Malloy says:

    Such an interesting collection of imaginary musical instruments!

  6. Eugene Martynec says:

    Wonderful discovery. Thank you for this site. Super fun.

  7. Bill Chapman says:

    I love the results when imagination meets fantasy. How many have I conceived of.