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  1. Excellent website! Very well done, nice work. I hope you keep expanding it in the future.

  2. Pondonium Pontificus says:

    Thanks for the koalas dipped in mecurtu. They are red and glisten like mars waiting for the world to burn their like theirs so they clay snakes. An rise again and time our limbs to spice to smoke and snuggle.

  3. Your site reminded me of a book I read recently: “Parallel Botany” by Leo Lionni. Maybe this is parallel musicology, or parallel organology. Anyway, it’s wonderful.

  4. What a wonderful exhibition! Congratulations, and thank you. I will return to peruse more unheard fictophones.

  5. I enjoyed my visit to the museum immensely! I’m sure you are aware of this work by my good friend Andrew Hugill -

    You also might enjoy visiting this local museum, at which I an employed as tour coordinator. They just closed for the season but will reopen in the spring of 2018.

  6. Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

  7. great resource! I will be in touch about my recent sound art work, and how it relates to the history of inscription. Thanks for creating this.

  8. John Watson says:

    It is a pity there is not a brick and mortar counterpart. It would be high on my list of destinations, imaginary or not.

  9. Sandra Ka says:

    What a wonderful curatorial project, congratulations! I will certainly be back for more. It would be wonderful to present some of this work at Goldsmiths, London!


  10. Thanks for curating this wonderful resource for the artistic dreamer. Favourite: the Song Siphon.

  11. Bernard Barryte says:

    This is wonderful. I do wish you would give the source/whereabouts for some of the images, such as Oppenheim’s Portrait of Busconi.

    • We do try to provide information about the images whenever possible, though sometimes it can be surprisingly difficult to trace images found on the internet. You may have already found this, but Oppenheimer’s portrait of Busoni is held in the Staatliche Museen in Berlin.

  12. Just found your magical, mind-boggling exhibits. How clever! What prompted your idea for this Museum of Imaginary Musical Instruments?

    • Thanks for your comment. Deirdre and I were colleagues in graduate school and shared an interest in sound technology and historical oddities. After it became clear through our conversations that we were both informally keeping running catalogs of imaginary instruments that we had encountered in our studies, one day we hatched the notion (perhaps originally in jest!) of sharing these things with the public. Given the immaterial nature of our “objects,” an online museum seemed an obvious way to go.

  13. Una maravilla, los felicito!